Did you realize that Dorothy was isolated as the only people around her was family and not another house in sight.  As we are looking to the day of not having to wear a mask so isn’t the Tinman, Scarecrow and Lion.  Remember they all played a family member. Dorothy is entering a new season and in anticipation of what it will bring. While Dorothy is in this new season so am I.

In sharing some TRIUMPHANT moments after being unemployed for a little bit, now employed in a position that still is being developed. Remember me and Dorothy was walking in the beginning of the story but now she is cruising down the road in a new car and it is only by the “Grace of God.” and yes I call her “GRACE.”   I also now have a new place, I call it my “DEEP OASIS.”  And to top it all off I graduate from the University of Phoenix and on the Dean’s List, nobody but God – I am a living Testimony!!!

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