The Book

Dorothy’s journey did not start until after the storm. When did you realize that your journey of life had started? Adam and Eve’s journey started once they had the bitten the apple. I am like you, traveling through this journey called ‘Life’. I, like you, do not just want to survive, but thrive; not just to be ordinary, but extraordinary and not merely journeying through life but to know it was a triumphant one. You may say, “How, especially with the situations and circumstances I have faced, am facing, and will be facing?” but what about you. No matter where you are on this journey called Life, no matter what you have gone through, and still may be going through, know that you are not alone. God will both bring people into as well as remove people from your life in relationship to His purpose and plan and to show you that your life was, is, and will be a Triumphant Journey.